all girls are princesses. Even snotty, two-face bullies



  1. Rod

    Fence, I know that English is supposed to be our common language, but I need to know what dictionary I should pick up to understand your post today. What is hurling? Anything like curling?

  2. Fency, you'll have to forgive Rod. When it comes to Irish sport, he isn't a savvy American, like I am. Everybody KNOWS that hurling is competitive vomiting. We learned that in Wayne's World.

    I'm sorry you were too hoarse to yell at your telly (Rod, that's a television) during A Little Princess. I hope you feel better soon, friend. Drink lots. I mean, of water.

  3. Ann

    I'm not sure how you could even contemplate for a second rooting for anyone other than Cork. Unless maybe it were Sligo and Cork, then you could be forgiven, under both home loyalties and underdog clauses. But to root for Waterford over Cork? It doesn't even bear thinking about. Then again, maybe I'm just biased. :)

  4. Rod, Hurling is the world's fastest field team sport. So they say. Sort of like hockey, but very very different. There is a certain amount of it going on it the States too, but it is mainly an Irish sport.

    Kelly, that part of hurling happens after the celebrations. And no. Still struck dumb :)

    Ann I know that once the game starts I'll be cheering on Cork. But until then I'll persuade myself that Waterford deserve it more :) And yes, you are biased.
    Twitter: ecnef

  5. Harlequin

    Sorry you're sick my darlin. I was half-thinking of coming down to the Big Shmoke today but sadly for you, I decided I lacked the energy. So I did not. Pity, because I could have gone on Lucozade runs to the shop and fetched you cushions and fanned you as you coughed into a lace-edged hankie and inspected it for blood…

    I remember seeing A Little Princess a few years ago. Lovely film. Read the book as well; although it didn't stay in my consciousness as much as The Secret Garden, it was still a nice story.

    I made the mistake of renting Eragon last night. Oh, GOD, the boredom of it! I was not even interested enough to watch it til the end – I switched over to Daredevil instead.

    Hope your throat feels better soon.

    I bought a grey silk dress in Monsoon today. Why?

    (a) It was only €48 in the sale

    (b) It felt nice against when I put it on

    (c) I got my new credit card on Friday and had my head turned by the higher limit

    (d) I have no self-control at the moment

  6. I'm not really sick though. Just unable to talk, I am managing to croak today, luckily enough though the flatmate is away, so I can cough my hacking cough without annoying her :)
    Twitter: ecnef

  7. Harlequin

    She's fleeing her imminent indictment for defenestration, eh? Hope you enjoy hacking and expectorating with complete impunity. At least you don't feel too crap. Though I think the worst thing about a cough is when you can't get to sleep because your own coughing is keeping you awake! So you feel much worse because of exhaustion.

    Bonus that in your profession being unable to speak needn't be a handicap. If you lost the use of your ssssh-ing finger, you'd really be in trouble. ;-)

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