Opiate of the masses

20 July 2007

I seem to have given up on my Rome recaps. That is a terribly wishy-washy sort of statement, isn’t it? I seem to have, you’d think I’d know whether I have or I haven’t. And considering that there is only one episode left to go, you’d have to think that yes I have given up. I think so. But the mood may strike me again, and I may scribble something down, but I blame the BBC. Showing two episodes a week, while cool and keeping me happy with the Rome-ness of it all, means that there isn’t much time before another episode appears. It also means that the season is now pretty much over.

They are starting Heroes next week. If you haven’t seen it and have BBC2 you should probably switch on. Tis quite fun, though not as great or as original as it seems to think it is.

The Sopranos came to an end last night. I had watched it on Vera on my train journey home last weekend, but that ending made me unsure of whether I had it all or not. Turns out I had. I’m in two minds about the ending. I don’t the episode, as a whole, was as good as some others this season. But I quite liked Show Spoiler ▼

This final season as a whole has been most excellent, and I’m coming round to the idea Show Spoiler ▼

I don’t think that matters. It was a perfect ending for The Sopranos. I wouldn’t like everything to end that way. But it worked. More discussion here, with unhidden spoilers, you have been warned.

So that is Rome and The Sopranos coming to an end. And I’d been quite enjoying the few Doctor Who episodes I caught this year, but now they are over too. So many things coming to an end. I suppose Prison Break is still running, but I’m more than a little meh’d at that show. Tis too silly, and with the constant, never ending stabbing each other in the back it gets a little repetitive. Although whatshisface, teabag? Show Spoiler ▼

And on account of various things I’ve been missing Jekyll which I was enjoying. But then again, I can play catch up, the flatmate has two episodes recorded, so I can play catch up at some stage.

And I have a few boxsets I should get to watching; Carnivale, Twin Peaks, The Wire. Plenty to keep me going.

Yeah, so Marx may have been referring to religion, but I’m not the only one to apply it to telly too.

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5 Responses

  1. I found the season finale of Heroes a bit of a letdown, esp. compared with the season finale of Lost.

    I've only seen a handful of Sopranos episodes, but I never got the show's appeal.

  2. I wouldn't be a big Sopranos fan but I thought the ending worked well – better than some can-see-it-a-mile-off-conclusion any day

  3. Fence says:

    It probably depends on what season of The Sopranos you watched Jim. Some were better than others, and often episodes were quite slow, unless you knew the characters.

    I agree, The girl who's afraid of foxes, it wouldn't have worked with some shows, but it did with this show

  4. jean pierre says:

    all those shows look/looked very cool to me "rome", "sopranos", "prison break" but i didn't get around to watching them.

    i also wanted to watch that "cape wrath" but i've already missed so many episodes…!

    "heroes" looks quite cool – i'm quite looking forward to it.

    but yeah, i've missed all these shows lately. i don't know why. i think it may have to do with the fact that charlotte is a soap-opera fiend and watches soaps from about 6 to 8 every day (with me surfing the internet, reading or complaining about the soap operas). and so i think after that we don't really want our nights to be dictated by any more shows…

  5. Fence says:

    I wanted to watch Cape Wrath too JP, but like you, missed the first few and I hate trying to play catch up. That is one of the reasons I never watched The West Wing which so many people raved about :)

    My flatmate is a soap-aholic too. But most of these shows are on at nine, so we work around that issue.