Happy June

1 June 2007

Can you believe that June is here already?

Do you believe that over half of the searches[1] that come to this blog[2] are Irish rugby related.

Did you know that most of those were quite specific in what they were looking for, and that was Paul O’Connell and his “fear of god” speech. Oh and the Gift Grub version[3]

Ah Giftius[4] Grubbius[5] how great[6] you[7] are[8]

Today you had The Thrills, the real ones, talking to Jay. It was great.

Am I over using the word great? Will I devalue it if I continue to use it? Will this post make any sense? These are all questions.

But where are all the answers? Damn, that was another question.


  1. StatCounter we love you. You are great.
  2. recently. In the past few days. Not over all
  3. Todayfm link
  4. youtube example
  5. fake Latin is always entertaining. It is totally great.
  6. Hector meets Tom Cruise
  7. Bertie on cricket
  8. can you believe it has been around for 8 years

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