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I seem to have done nothing lately but reviews. And this after I made my grand “returning to blogging” speech. I guess I don’t have very much to say. Either that or I have too much to say, but to start typing it all out would involve actually processing thoughts and forming arguments and constructing a post. That’s just not my bag baby.

I’m more with the whole stream-of-consciousness. Much less work I feel. Plus I’m less likely to think, this makes no sense, hit delete. Cause none of it should really make sense, you know, or it should make sense but only in a nonsensical way.


The real reason I haven’t been around much this week is that I travelled up to Sligo for the week. Twas de sister’s confirmation so I had to mosey on up for that, and I’d time worked up so reckoned I may as well take the week off. Perfect timing as the sun has been shining, and the warmth warming.

That’s our summer over and done with, prepare now for the weeks and weeks of rain.

I told myself I’d do a big tidy yesterday and today. But while I threw out some crap I got bored halfway through. Mess is good right? Also, I have far too many books. I think some need to be culled from the herd. A job I’m always reluctant to start, because I end up stumbling over books going “oooh, I really enjoyed that I should reread it” when the proper reaction would be “that was a fun read, but if I take it off the shelf I’ll have space for new books”. Dilemma indeed.

Anyone know the best way to clean a laptop screen? There seem to be little smudges on Vera’s shiny shiny screen. I don’t want to use too much elbow grease, just in case I make them worse.

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