TT #29

Everyone loves stats. And everyone who has a blog loves learning who came a-visiting and why. So, with thanks to Statcounter I’m revealing 13 questions or queries that people wanted answers to on my site. how believable is die hard 4.0 – I’m guessing not very. Afterall, the whole premise is pretty unbelievable, never mind […]

Happy June

Can you believe that June is here already? Do you believe that over half of the searches[1] that come to this blog[2] are Irish rugby related. Did you know that most of those were quite specific in what they were looking for, and that was Paul O’Connell and his “fear of god” speech. Oh and […]

No referral fun

Tá fhí­os agat that looking at your stats and referral logs is fun fun fun. All those wacky phrases and meaningless search strings. Bhuel, féach, tá siad lacking in the fun department today.. A search for Carlo Gebler the bull raid – fits, because I reviewed the book. Unimpressed with it, so I was. A […]

New Zealand had superior teams to the opposition in the past few World Cups but they faltered because they lacked the essential spirit that Munster demonstrated

Although I continue to be delighra and exi’ra[1] over Munster’s win, it has had a negative impact on my life. Well, a positive and negative. See publicity for Munster means that people are searching for Munster related stuff on the net, so some find their way here. Which is good, although they do all seem […]

Aren’t referral-logs fun?

From them I learned that someone came by wondering what “cen fath” means. Well I can tell you, Cén Fath is Irish for why, or what reason. Course, they’ve already been by, and most likely aren’t coming back so what’s the point was in me saying this now? I guess I just don’t have anything […]


Took a glance at who has been visiting the site, and surprisingly a large number of seraches that lead to here seem to be “what is the triple crown” so just in case I get any more persons asking that question, the triple crown I am referring to is the rugby one: The Triple Crown […]