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why don’t you throw one over Flannery

Disappeared again for a few days there didn’t I? tut, tut, my bad. But just be glad I’m here at […]

Happy June

Can you believe that June is here already? Do you believe that over half of the searches[1] that come to […]

The fear of god

I didn’t watch the rugby documentary[1] last night. I was watching Medium and the Heroes. And can I just say […]

Sail away with us, on a boat to Wales

EDITED Looking for the Gift Gub Munster Song? Click Here, but is missing the very beginning and was just recorded […]

I’ve been watching your fingers Straddle the neck of your guitar Since you said they’d buckle Like the legs of a new born foal

Story bud? Or should that be buds? Who knows. Should one[1] write to one person or to many? Sorta[2] like […]

Jaysus, lads. You can’t be doing that.

EDIT: Doh! Have only just realised now why the Jervis Centre was closed as I walked by it after leaving […]


Memo to self: When walking down the street do not listen to Gift Grub. Laughing to yourself is the sign […]

What do you call an insane egg?

Welcome to part two of Irish expressions taking over the world[1] Today’s term is yoke. As in an egg yoke. […]