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4 June 2007

Today is a bank holiday. Yay! Day off. Four day week, and all that malarky. And what have I decided to do today? I know what you are thinking, oooh something exciting, possibly involving finally launching my plans to take over the world, but alas, no. I’m tidying[1] my room. Isn’t that thrilling? So far I have found approximately three hundred plastic bottles. Some empty, some with a few drops of water, some half full. I think I’m responsible for that hole in the ozone layer[2] but what can you do? I’m also thinking of building a new leaning tower, the leaning tower of books that I really should donate somewhere out of my room. They are threatening to topple over, I’ll have to require all visitors to my room to sign a disclosure of some description.

In other, less important news, the Leaving Cert begins this week[3] on Wednesday to be precise. The last of de brudders will be sitting it. I really should have some sort of sympathy for him, should I? But no, instead I’ll sit here and laugh[4] at him. Course he is pretty sorted. He got accepted to the rugby academy thingy[5] in Limerick, so all he has to do now is get enough points to do a proper course there and he’ll be happy. The problem is that he has spent so much time playing the rugby this past year that he didn’t actually do much studying.

I spent yesterday watching the GAA. The Waterford Kerry match was as boring as… well, I can’t quite think what else might have been that boring, Kerry won. Easily. Waterford got all of 4 points. But then I watched the Dublin Meath encounter. And that was much better fun. As first I was a bit worried cause Meath didn’t score at all in the first 20 minutes, but then they got stuck in, or maybe Dublin did their usual “omg! we’re in front, what do we do now”. It is weird, when I first moved to Sligo I totally didn’t get the whole anti-Dublin thing. And would always support Dublin. I was born here after all. But I think I’ve really turned into a culchie, cause I was half hoping that Meath would win. Especially after that goal that wasn’t. But at the same time I wasn’t too bothered either way. And so when Geraghty started throwing the odd punch I decided to support Dublin again. But then again, I didn’t. In the end it was a draw, and they get to “have at each other” all over again in two weeks time. Should be fun. I’d say that Meath might do it, but you never know.

I’m thinking I should support Dublin. I live here. I was born here. Rationally speaking I should support them, right? But I don’t. This summer I think I’m going to change that and tell myself to support them. Just like I tell myself I should support Leinster rugby ahead of Munster rugby.

Yea, like that works.


  1. if be tidying I mean surfing on d’internet
  2. see
  3. pdf
  4. MwaaHaaHaaa
  5. details and specifics arent important are they?

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3 Responses

  1. Harlequin says:

    Alternatively you could get this wonderful thing called a "bookshelf". It's guaranteed to help with leaning towers of books… :-D

    I was going to bed last night when I randomly decided to tidy my bedroom bookshelf. I realised that despite my extreme poverty this year I've pur-chased a helluva lotta books and my shelves can no longer cope with them. So I'm thinking I might take my study shelves outta the study, put em in the kitchen where the crap shelves are and fill them with books. This would have the added bonus of allowing the dangerously full DVD/book shelves behind d'telly to be used just for DVDs while the books on it are transferred to t'other shelves. Genie-ass!!

    Of course, the massive flaw in the plan is what the hell I'm going to do with the study stuff! Maybe the lighter fluid and match plan oughta go ahead as originally conceived. Hmmm.

  2. Kelly says:

    Fence, I am SERIOUSLY DISTURBED that you ruined the harmonic balance of our mutual existence by cleaning your room. Now I'M going to have to clean my room, and THEN where will it end? Excuse me while I go cry in the corner. Gimme a bottle of water first, though. Yes, that one; the one with an inch left in it…

    Thank you. See you when there's a nice layer of dust on your tower of books again.

  3. Fence says:

    Don't be silly Harlequin, I'm only allowed the one shelf, so if it doesn't fit it must go into the Tower, or find a new home. I think I'll take a load into work tmro and deposit them there.

    Never fear Kells, I'm sure that within an hour the dust will have returned. After all, every time I use the laptop I end up brushing dust away. I blame something that isn't my lack of dusting.