Aint no flies on us

23 April 2006

What does one wear to a baptism? Cause that is where I am now[1] at B#1‘s kid’s christening[2] and not only are clothes an issue, but also gifts. What does one buy a 3 month old baby? Not like he’s going to remember is he? And seeing as I’m to be godmother there’ll be plenty of time for future purchases.

I suppose I could name a star for the baby, but wouldn’t it be a lot easier to name a baby for a star? Or a constellation[3]

B#1 is 3 years or so older than me[4] and when we were kids he was definitely the leader of our little gang. This is when we lived in Dublin and hung around the estate and park. There was B#1, B#2, the boy next door, the boy across the street, and boy around the corner and me. Yes, being surrounded by brothers I was a bit of a tom-boy. And as the oldest B#1 was responsible for all our entertainment ;) whether that was climbing on shed roofs[5] messing about, or invading the nearby building site[6] He was also responsible for the yellow reg game. We used to travel between Dublin & Sligo quite a bit, and being squashed in a car for over three hours mean you need to play games. Or read books. Anyone else play yellow reg? Back in the day[7] the only yellow license plates were those furrin English ones. So not a whole lot of them around. When you spotted one you’d thump the person next to you saying “Yellow reg, touch my foot” and then touch your foot, meaning they couldn’t hit you back. Course B#1 figured out before all of us that any car that had a single letter, then some numbers and then more letters[8] was a British car, and so would have a yellow rear plate. I’m not sure why they didn’t/don’t have them at the front, but they didn’t. So obviously once he learned this he got really good at spotting yellow regs.

Anyways, despite the fact that none of the family read, or know about the blog[9] this is to congratulate B#1 on the birth of his son.


  1. obviously not the now that I’m writing this in, but the future now that you are reading this in. Unless you are reading this after I’m home from the christening. Or on a different day.
  2. memo to self, come up with shorter name for the nephew
  3. maybe I’ll refer to kid as Perseus from now on. Maybe not
  4. I never remember their ages. They keep changing.
  5. I so wanna spell that with a v
  6. it is a prison now
  7. such a long time ago now.
  8. or maybe the other way round, I don’t really play anymore
  9. and if they do I’d prefer they not say

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5 Responses

  1. NineMoons says:

    Have fun love. I've had a very busy and productive weekend – I actually found your present!!! The one I bought in Edi in June 2004 and then lost! Will give it to you when next we meet.

  2. anne says:

    Same as for a wedding (I have no dress sense)?
    A baptism medal? A pewter christening cup?
    How did it go, did the baby cry?

  3. Kelly says:

    Good morning, Fence. I hope the christening went well, and that your computer got fixed… I liked your story – it made me remember long car rides in the backseat with my brother. We didn't play many games; mostly we fought over who had their finger on the imaginary line between us.

  4. Fence says:

    Evening all, Christening went well. The priest didn't go on, though that may have been cause he had a funeral straight after the baptism. Loads of food in the brother's and then back for the match.

    I'll do a whole post in a bit, I'm away to upload photos to flickr if you're interested.

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