She’s dead or possibly dying and the rescue crew thinks they can save this baby. When they take the baby out, it goes “mama” and someone has shoved a plastic doll in her uterus and the fetus is missing

Edit: cause I can’t be bothered to write a whole new post Over the weekend I caught half an episode of Charmed, but then again it seems to be trying to compete with The Simpsons, what with its being on almost every station. But this was new Charmed. Now, normally I wouldn’t blog about Charmed. […]

Just because I killed Darla… twice. Did in Doyle, made Kate fatherless, had Angel eat his own father on camera, slice his sister off camera, munch on momma on camera, don’t mean you can’t trust me

So I’ve been downloading Lost, and have eps 1 and 2 of season two. I know, I know, bad me for all that illegal stuff, but I’ll end up watching it when it comes out over here, maybe. But as well as Lost I also went a-hunting for The Inside, and could only find episode […]