When you look with your eyes Everything seems nice But if you look twice You can see it’s all lies

18 May 2006

They are drilling for oil[1] out the back at work. Or round the side, depending on where I am. Direction is relative after all.

It is a little annoying, but don’t worry, I’ll struggle through somehow[2] I’ll cope. Don’t you worry about me.

Worry about poor old Arsenal instead[3]

But it was a very good game. The first 15 or so minutes especially, till That Incident where the ref applied to laws of the game, but not the spirit. Or sumfink like that[4] Sky News seemed to be blaming Theirry henry for missing some good goal chances this morning. But were they watching the same game.[5] Yes, he did have some chances, but he ran his little socks off[6] and looked wrecked. The fact is that with only 10 men there was very little chance that Arsenal could win against Barcelona. And once they equalised there was no real hope. Had it gone to extra time the Arsenal players would’ve been dropping like flies.

Oh yeah, you may be able to access that Gift Grub Munster Song here on Putfile

Oh and over at The Community At Large there is a link to a Monster Irish culture quiz, Monster being the name of a job search site, it isn’t a quiz about Monster culture in Ireland. Though maybe that’d be better. This is well, I’ll let you find out for yourselves. If you want.


  1. they are making a big hole in the ground, what else could it be but oil
  2. Isn’t it typical that now that I’ve moaned they’ve gone and stopped. Probly just for a teabreak though. I’m sure they’ll be back
  3. – They just lost the Champions’ League final 2-1 after their goalie got sent off
  4. look, Arsenal are from London, so I can use any fake accent I choose, alright?
  5. Yeah, we actually watched the entire match. Normally its a case of flicking back and forth, but Wed night telly is bit shite so we watched it all
  6. to be as patronising as possible

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7 Responses

  1. anne says:

    As much as it pains me to admit it (I didn’t watch the game, and even if I had…), Thierry Henry has garnered the same kind of criticism when playing on the French team. So maybe there is something to it.
    And I got a perfect score on the quiz – hard though it was…

  2. Fence says:

    Maybe he does deserve some criticism, but mainly for his moaning afterwards about the ref, and all the tv pundits were doing that too.

    What they were saying was that shots he took in the final 15/20 minutes and that the goalie saved, he should have scored. But I think they were forgetting that he was the sole striker for 3/4 of the game.

    Not that I’m defending him or anything :)

  3. T’was a good game, and though it was clearly a red-card, I do kinda feel that, as you said, it wasn’t in the spirit of the game. I know it’s because Barca won, but no one seems to have noticed how ineffective Ronaldino was. Still, I do find Henry’s criticism of the ref ironic, since the freekick that led to Arsenal’s goal came from a rather obvious dive……..

    But what do I care? Liverpool finished the season with Silverware, and that’s all that matters!!!!!

  4. Fence says:

    FM, you’ve been away from the whole blog’verse for so long!

    Yes it was a foul. No doubt. But if the ref had played advantage then he could have left the goal stand and given the goalie a yellow. Course I suppose he could also have let the goal stand and still sent the goalie off (I can’t spell his name).

    And yes that free kick that led to the Arenal goal was a dive. Blatant. But Henry just proves that we only see what we want to.

    And shush about Liverpool. NM’s a Hammers fan :)

  5. She is!?!?!?!?!

    Oh my god!!!! This is just too good to be true…….

    If I were saner, I’d worry that I’m about to dig myself a deeper whole than ever before………

    As for blogosphereversethingie, I’m writing exams at the mo’. One down yesterday, two more to go. But I have not abandoned yee, of little faith.

  6. Alan says:

    My commisserations to all Arsenal fans.



    (sorry, I know schadenfreude is not a pleasant trait but….. bwahahahahahahahahahah!)

  7. Fence says:

    Exams are no excuse FM, but on this occasion we’ll let you away with it :)

    Alan aren’t you mean? But I’m not a fan of the Arsenal so I don’t really care anymore