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This is a terrible film. Terrible. And the really annoying thing is that it has virtually no redeeming qualities. Yes […]

I will name certain names, but other names should not be named. I will be discreet and won’t name names

So Clare hurling is in an uproar. Still. For those of you that don’t know[1] there has been a bit […]

The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbour and city on silent haunches and then moves on.

As you know, I was home at the weekend. And if you don’t know why don’t you know? And home, […]

Never judge a book by its movie

Stolen from Projectile Reviews: Name five of your favorite books: The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien. Despite not having […]

We all fall down

I blame de mudder. Met her for lunch last week and she told me that pretty much the entire family […]

The Case of the Missing Books

blockquote>No. No, no, no, no, no. This was not what was supposed to happen

Israel Armstrong has left England, and a job in a discount bookshop, for a job as a librarian in Northern Ireland. Slightly overweight, Jewish and vegetarian, he really doesn’t seem to fit in. And lets not mention that the library job he was hired to fill doesn’t seem to exist any more as the library has been closed. Instead the council want him to run the mobile library. But there is problem there too; it seems that the stock of in and around fifteen thousand books has gone missing.

The Dark Is Rising Sequence

ISBN: 0140316884 5 Vol.s in one Over Sea, Under Stone The Dark Is Rising Greenwitch The Grey King Silver On […]

pointless movie type thing

As I may not have mentioned I am away for the weekend. I’m heading up to Sligo and so will […]

The Shooting Party

Trans: A.E. Chamot It has take me quite a while to finish this short novel, still I would recommend it […]

Sometimes I, Sometimes I

As you can see I have unstickified that voting post. I was getting ever so bored of seeing the yellow […]

OMG, you killed Kenny!

Once more Joss posts on Whedonesque Since everyone’s all abuzz with the CW rumor, I have to get all official […]

A sound of fright or joy. Commonly used along with the following face: ^______^;

so there I was, making my usual round of blogs when I got to Whedonesque. I’d read last week about […]