Yipee, a new Mary Gentle Book: “1610: A Sundial in a Grave, by Mary Gentle (Gollancz, £12.99) Mary Gentle’s novels hover in the grey area between fantastic, postmodern and historical fiction – and because of this she probably gets less attention than she deserves” – review from the Guardian site.


More trouble for The Spire. The lights aren’t working properly *sigh* after taking so long you’d think they would do things properly wouldn’t you. Still I think it looks great, especially at dusk when the lights start to come on (when they work).

Who’s on first?

Was never a fan of Doctor Who, think I am a bit too young, but I am a Richard E Grant fan so I took a gander at the animated episodes now online. So far they have two up, and they are quite entertaining. The Doctor seems a little on …

Love Remains

Have just finished reading Glan Duncan’s Love Remains. Saw it in my local library and because I loved I, Lucifer so much had to take it out. This is a very different book in many ways from I, Lucifer. There is no light relief and it is most defo not …

Coke censored

Well, the students spoke again, and banned the sales of Coke from college. I am not quite sure if I agree with this but the people have spoken. Part of the reason I disagree is that it seems as though Coke are being singled out simply because they are a …


strangely enough bombs in Indonesia tend to kill more people from Jakarta than Jersey and yet always it is an attack on our interests, on our culture. Is it this reaction as much as anything else that sickens the people of these countries who have been attacked, it certainly sickens me – that we cannot sympathise or understand but merely try to transfer this into our own framework, one that is easier for us to accept. The message is therefore – ‘well we’re sorry that some of your people died, but imagine how it must feel for us’.


Did you know that it is 10yrs since Nirvana released their Unplugged album, I must be getting old. Information from Ray on Today FM so if it wrong then go blame him. In other news the big story is of course Bush’s visit to the UK, first official state visit …