Coke censored

22 November 2003

Well, the students spoke again, and banned the sales of Coke from college. I am not quite sure if I agree with this but the people have spoken. Part of the reason I disagree is that it seems as though Coke are being singled out simply because they are a well known brand.

I am sure that Pepsi don’t have a better human rights record but there are no moves to ban Pepsi, besides a boycott works better if it is voluntary and also shows that people really mean what they say. The ban simply reduces people’s choice and the only real impact I can see as a result is that the students will switch to another brand, or and here is a mad crazy thought buy their drinks outside campus grounds! A shocking and almost unthinkable idea, but it just may help those Coca-Cola addicts to survive. I do think that those who voted are more likely to be people who opposed Coca-Cola, those who were either ambivalent, like me, or indifferent just didn’t vote. After all who really gets upset over Coke, sure its nicer than Pepsi, but at the end of the day I buy a lot more water.

What I do object to though it the implied threat to Irish jobs, with the company warning that the ban “could have consequences”. Please, one college and this is how they whine. It isn’t as though no Coke will be sold anywhere in the entire country. And threatening people only makes them more likely to dislike you.

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1 Response

  1. Brendan Rau says:

    This is another example of political correctness run amok.