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23 November 2003

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Love remains - Glen DuncanHave just finished reading Glan Duncan’s Love Remains. Saw it in my local library and because I loved I, Lucifer so much had to take it out.

This is a very different book in many ways from I, Lucifer. There is no light relief and it is most defo not a funny book. What the two do have in common, however, is that both are very well written, and almost brutally honest. Sure I, Lucifer dealt with the devil and how he saw history, obviously rewritten in many ways yet it still pointed out through dark humour what it is to be human. Love Remains does likewise. It deals with emotion, love, pain and hate. Never shirking away from the big issues. The very first line “When the future ended, Nicholas discovered, you left London and went to New York” made me want to read on. What did he mean by the future ending? Well it takes a while but eventually we find out and in some ways dislike the character of Nick, yet I couldn’t help but sympathise in some ways.

Most of the first half, the flashback part deals with Nicholas and Chloe as they meet and fall in love, yet always there is a knowledge that it doesn’t end well. Why else would the future end and Nick run off to New York. Through their love Duncan examines what it means to love somebody, what it means to give that much power into some-one else’s hands for “Whe you fall in love, there are only two possible furtures. In one, your love is returned. In the other, your love betrayed.”

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