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7 November 2003

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V disappointing, think they really should have stopped after the first film and let the audience make up the end themselves. The film starts off pretty much where Reloaded ended, with Neo and Bane (Bain?) unconscious and lying in the same medical facility. Pretty quickly we learn that Neo is in a place between the Matrix and the machine world, a place from where he cannot escape without the Mervinogen’s permission. In this “train station” he meets a program family and questions them about whether or not they can feel love. The father tells him that love is just a word, a word to describe a connection and he has that connection with his wife and daughter.

I don’t want to give too much story line away, but you might have already figured out that he does escape from the station, although not by himself. There are more meetings with the Oracle, and more cryptic statements about choice, endings and beginnings, but also about Agent Smith, who represents an anti-Neo in a way as he, I suppose is balancing the equation of The Matrix.

A lot of the film is taken up with the defence of Zion, but I have to say that there are only so may times you can see a hale of bullets hit a sentinel-type thing before it gets a bit boring. Plus we don’t know the characters well enough and so don’t really care. I suppose they may have had an introduction in the games, or more likely, in the Annimatrix but who cares? Coz after seeing the third film I surely don’t.

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I watched an interview with Keanu and a couple of others there last night, and in it he said that the Wachowski brothers spent two months getting the rain right, Keanu thought this was fantastic, that they were willing to spend so much time on the rain-drops, personally I think it would have been great if they had spent half the time in developing the characters, after all that IS what the audience engage with, and whether or not the rain looks cool should be secondary to that.

Style over substance, but not even in a fun Bad Boyz II way.
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