Touching the Void dir. by

19 October 2003

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Now this is an impressive documentary/film.

Telling the story of Joe and Simon as they set out to conquer a previously unscaled face of Siula Grande in Peru in 1985. Mountaineering has never been one of those things I got, and after seeing this film I’m glad it doesn’t appeal to me :)

That’ doesn’t take anything away from the achievement of those people who put themselves through such potential danger and hardship purely for the adrenalin rush, or simply because the mountain is there. And more than anything this film highlights how difficult climbing a mountain can be, and yet at the same time you can, kind of understand why they do it.

The beauty of the landscape is evident from the wonderful camera work, and let me tell you I will never look at a snow-capped peak in the same way.
This is a film about suffering and hardship, and about people who fight to survive against all the odds. Go watch it, you will not be disappointed.

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