The Pacifier dir. by

24 July 2005

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Terrible, terrible film. But then again we already knew that from the poster didn’t we. And the premise was horrible. I blame Copper-copper for asking me did I want to go.

Shane Wolfe is a navy seal who ends up babysitting some kids as their mother heads off to Switzerland to try and gain access to a security deposit bank. In the process she meets a person with the worst French-type accent I have ever heard. Ever. Yes, it was that bad.

Most of the film revolves around the humourous escapades of Wolfe as he attempts to teach these children discipline, and they in turn try to escape, before, eventually, coming to realise how great he is. Wolfe learns that family and love are great things. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it.

I suppose it isn’t all bad. I mean there are one or two laughs in it. The girl asking about Wolfe’s boobs stands out :) It is aimed at children and there were a fair few in the cinema who seemed to enjoy it.

So a while it was truely horrendous, maybe it wasn’t all bad. If you’re 7 years old.

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