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Bloody spammers

I’m surely not the only person to have noticed this surge in spam comments? Or more accurately, in trackback spam. Tis annoying so it is. It...

On the pig’s back

This post could be listed under irishify if, that is, I bothered to explain the title. But I’m not gonna. I’ll save it for some other time. Or you can google. Whatever, its all good. All the time.

Where was I?

Ah yes, pigs. Or, to be more precise, Piglets.

They’re ba-ack

My blacklisting of comments with casino-related terms must have worked, because no more of me having to mark them as spam. No more of them filling...

An open letter

To all you casino and poker spammers out there, and any mortgage commenter as well. I moderate comments. Your spam will not be posted. So kindly...