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18 May 2014

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Is there a point to me doing a quick recap of a Godzilla movie plot? I mean, you all know that Godzilla means monsters and destruction, possibly Japan, and possible monster fights, right? That’s all there in the title. So what does this film add to the whole Godzilla mythology?

Well, it does have Bryan Cranston1 so that’s a point in its favour. But for the most part it has Aaron Taylor-Johston which is a whole heap of points against it. Seriously, he is so bland it’s almost interesting. Almost, but not quite.

Godzilla dir. Gareth Edwards

Godzilla dir. Gareth Edwards

Plotwise this film is a mess. It is too long, the characters are totally boring and very little makes sense. Which is terrible, because the action scenes and monster fights look fantastic. They’re great. Worth the price of admission alone.

But it could have been so much better.

It does get additional points though for the amount of women in background scenes. Even in the military dominated ones there is usually at least one woman on screen. But the actual female characters? Well, they aren’t any better than the men in terms of interest. And it must be down to the direction and writing, because for the most part the actors all do whatever is asked of them. Its just that they make no sense. And apart from Lt. Brody, who is just boredom incarnate.

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2 Responses

  1. Richard R says:

    From your review, I expected much less than 6 stars. Since I was only mildly impressed w/ Pacific Rim, I think this one will be a rental for me.

    • fence says:

      6 stars, from me, is a pretty uninteresting film. Anything lower than that means its bad!! This wasn't good, but it wasn't bad, I just often find it easier to write about what I disliked in a film. But yes, rental would be better, once you have a big telly because the effects are great.