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Godzilla dir. by


Is there a point to me doing a quick recap of a Godzilla movie plot? I mean, you all know that Godzilla means monsters and destruction, possibly Japan, and possible monster fights, right? That’s all there in the title. So what does this film add to the whole Godzilla mythology? Well, it does have Bryan Cranston1 so that’s a point

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Persuasion [based on the book] by dir. by

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Despite the fact that I took a course on Jane Austen at college[1] I’ve never actually read Persuasion so when I was reminded over at Monomania Diaries that this was showing I made sure to stick a reminder up. After all, I hadn’t seen any of the other Jane Austen adaptations that made up ITV’s Jane Austen season. Anne Elliot,

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