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24 May 2014

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Warren Attinger has been a bad husband, but his wife, Doris, has caught him out. She follows him one day and when she uncovers him with Beryl Caighn she has had enough. She shots him. And the wall, several times. He lives, but she is now on trial for attempted murder. This is a story that makes a splash in the papers. Lawyer Amanda Bonner reads all about it and is enraged at what she sees as the double standards involved. She attempted to persuade her husband Adam of the wrongness she sees in it. She is convinced that Doris will be found guilty and go to prison while in a recent case where the sexes were reversed the man was found innocent as it was seen as more acceptable for a man to “protect” his family in such a manner.

Adam is not convinced. The law is the law, he says, and attempted murder is attempted murder, two wrongs don’t make a right.

Adams Rib dir. George Cukor

Adams Rib dir. George Cukor

And of course, as this is a film, Adam ends up being assigned to prosecute the case, while Amanda decides she has to take on the role of defense lawyer.

I think this is my favourite of the films that have been assigned for this course. It is smart and funny, and although a little dated, it is still thoroughly enjoyable. Hepburn and Tracy are, of course, great together, and I’m turning into a big fan of Judy Holliday. She was wonderful in The marrying kind, and her role her is so different, but she is just as great in it. Albeit in a different way.

I loved the way the relationship between Amanda and Adam is shown. They are so comfortable and secure with each other. This wouldn’t make for very much drama, obviously, so the opposing counsel introduces a bit of drama and doubt into their relationship. It could even end it…

This is one I think I’d watch again.

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