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Adam’s Rib dir. by

adams rib

Warren Attinger has been a bad husband, but his wife, Doris, has caught him out. She follows him one day and when she uncovers him with Beryl Caighn she has had enough. She shots him. And the wall, several times. He lives, but she is now on trial for attempted murder. This is a story that makes a splash in

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [based on the book by] by dir. by

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Watched Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde over the weekend, the 1941 version, with Spencer Tracy & Ingrid Bergman. It was quite good, interesting point, if one is totally evil does one have a choice? But apart from that I was actually surprised at how much they got away with, of course all innuendo and that, but rape, potential threesomes, and

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