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26 April 2014

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Up and coming lawyer John Mason has just returned from taking a deposition in Boston. But work wasn’t all that was keeping him busy. While there he met Jane, and when he returned to New York she was Mrs. Mason. That’s a whirlwind romance and no mistake.

This film tells the story of the Mason’s starting out life together, and looks at whether they did the right thing in marrying so quickly. Personally I have to say that you really should know someone a little longer than few days before you decide to marry, but maybe that’s just me :)

Made for each other dir. John Cromwell

Made for each other dir. John Cromwell

As you may have guessed this is another film for the online course I’m taking on Marriage and the movies so I was focusing on that theme while watching it. But not to the exclusion of all else. Its a light-hearted film, funny in places and it kept me entertained. It was a bit strange to see Jimmy Stewart so young, but he gives his usual great performance. His character, while very good at his job, doesn’t always get the recognition. John is a bit backwards in coming forward, as people say, so others at the firm get the raises and the promotions while John must worry about finances and paying bills. This is 1930s America after all.

As for the marriage aspect, well, this is a film that says “I do”, even more so that Wild Orchids. Jane and John love each other and while they have their ups and downs they struggle through, together for the most part. It wouldn’t be a drama without some tension though, so it isn’t all them against the world.

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