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24 May 2014

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Roger Willgoose isn’t really a dog person. It is his wife really who decides to bring a dog into their home. But gradually this little Yorkshire Terrier, renamed Fred, worms her way into Roger’s affections. She accompanies him in many walks to the local pub. Her dealings with invading cats are legend, and her puppies spread all over the village.

A girl called Fred by Roger Willgoose

A girl called Fred by Roger Willgoose

Yes, this is another dog story. I would apologise for boring all my readers with dog books, but you choose to click and read, so really, it is your own fault :) not that there are too many visitors to be bored.

This is a very easy, nice read. It is a bit sexist and dated as it was written in the seventies, but has only now been published. The author wrote it in the 1970s but never managed to get it published back then. After his death his wife found a copy of the manuscript and so here it is.

It isn’t really the story of Fred, the yorkie, it is instead the tale of the Willgoose family and a, probably, rose-tinted, glimpse of England from forty years ago. If you are looking for a cosy book to pass a couple of hours with, that won’t tax you too much, then this is perfect reading material.

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2 Responses

    • fence says:

      It was, and had a nice style of humour, even if I'm not totally sure about Roger's attitude towards the local cats.