I’m afraid I was very very drunk at the time

I has returned from my holiday in Amerikay! New York is such a weird place to visit as a tourist because, obviously, you don’t know the place but everywhere is ever so slightly familiar. I blame television[1]

We stayed a week, went up the Empire State, went by Ellis & Liberty Island, wandered through Chinatown. Ate steak, cheesecake and milkshakes. Tipped people who didn’t deserve it. Went to the zoo and wished we could have spent another week there. Same with the Natural History museum. Walked through Central Park in the rain. Met the family member who I’d never seen before[2] Met a blogger[3] Finally flew home[4]

And promptly got on a train and travelled to Sligo. Dished out the various tee-shirts and what not[5] Turned around went back to Dublin, had the engagement party. And yes, that is what this post’s title refers to. OMG so much vodka! I don’t think I’ve ever drunk as much. Memo to everyone, never ever[6] fill a pint glass with vodka and lime, it makes it far too easy to drink. If I teach you nothing else, let that be it.

And now it is back to the real world. And work in the morning. Le sigh. And only 359 more items in my reader to catch up with :)

Vidjo to watch in case you aren’t familiar with The Fast Show and the title.


  1. – it is the cool thing to do you know
  2. an uncle. He’s been there since the 70s and doesnt fly
  3. Hi Anne *waves*
  4. (surprising really that it took a whole week to do that little tour ;) )
  5. souvenirs and the like
  6. and if you do please please please do not repeat the feat in the same night

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