I’m afraid I was very very drunk at the time


  1. anne

    Hello back! :)

    And congrats again! You know, this was just a rehearsal for the wedding anyway, so you might as well test your limits, really.

    So now, where are your tourist pictures?
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  2. I'm in the middle of going through the photos. It'll take some time to delete all the crap ones, and the duplicates. Hmmm, I could stay up all night… but no :) I'll be slightly sensible for once and leave them till tomorrow.

    As for the wedding, sure that won't be for ages and ages. Probably.
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  3. Welcome back! I'm glad you had a good time. It has been forever since I've been to NYC. 2001, I believe. Before that fateful day.

    I was thinking about you last night when we were watching Firefly. As soon as the 'pretty cunning' line was spoken I thought "Fence!!!". :)

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