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30 September 2009

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I just bought the dvd of Dollhouse last week. I watched half of season one on the interwebs when it aired in the states but what with the moving and all I sorta got distracted. I almost bought the dvd online a few weeks ago, but wavered for some reason, but spotted it while picking up some other dvds and the fact that I would be able to get instant gratification rather than waiting for it to be posted out to me meant I couldn’t resist.

And Yay! that I did, because I’m really really liking this show now.

It started off fairly dull, with the “who is Echo this week” episodes and whatnot, but you know, in Joss we trust. And are proven correct to do so by the second half of season 1.

But the thing is, I think they should ditch the whole Echo & Paul storyline. Okay, maybe not ditch it, but relegate it to second spot in favour of the Dr. Saunders, Topher & Boyd storylines. I’d say more, but you know, spoilers. And to hear that Saunders won’t be around for much of this season is just plain annoying.

The great thing about Dollhouse is that there are no good guys. I suppose you could argue that the dolls themselves are good guys in that they don’t have enough motivation/personality/realness to be evil, but absence of badness does not make you good. It just makes you not bad.

The whole Epitaph One episode is weird too. But in a good way. This episode wasn’t aired in the US; plot and spoilers can be found here if you’re interested. I liked it, but spent an inordinate amount of time going, who is Mag and where do I know her from. Doh! How could I not have recognised her?

Anyways, if you watched the first few episodes of Dollhouse and gave up on it, you should totally revisit it. Its great. Honest.

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1 Response

  1. anne says:

    Yeah… i… don't know… it's… ok.

    Seen most of the episodes, and still not convinced – but i stick with it in the hope that season 2 will get better (it's started, but i haven't caught it yet). I guess i'm going to have to trust you now?