I’m afraid I was very very drunk at the time

I has returned from my holiday in Amerikay! New York is such a weird place to visit as a tourist because, obviously, you don’t know the place but everywhere is ever so slightly familiar. I blame television[1] We stayed a week, went up the Empire State, went by Ellis & Liberty Island, wandered through Chinatown. […]

you can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread man

Just an ickle, quick post. The xmas party was grand; a few people may be regretting actions but I don’t really know them so who cares ;). Traffic was a bitch, so instead of taxi-ing I just walked, it was half an hour in fairly windy weather, so the hair might have complained, but honestly, […]

Happy Thanksgiving

to all you Americans and associates. And Happy Thursday to the rest of you. I’m off to Sligo in a few hours. I could have got the earlier train, but probably needed those few hours to recover from last night and our ever so exciting Pub Quiz. We got a great turn out, which was […]

Week 248

Drinking did occur last night. And indeed this morning. As a result I’m rethinking this whole 2 day weekend thing. I’m firmly of the belief that we should get three days off[1] It is the only thing that could make sense. Anyway, a good time was had, but I was on the Bulmers so I’m feeling slightly more groggy today than I would if it had been vodka. But that didn’t stop me having another pint this evening as we investi-magated the pub we’ll be using for the work Pub Quiz I’m organising.

But I know what you are all thinking, forget about that malarky and get onto the word association game, so tada,

  1. Assets ::
  2. Concern ::
  3. Over the top ::
  4. Supplies ::
  5. Mustache ::
  6. Doug ::
  7. Coach ::
  8. Bleachers ::
  9. Stripes ::
  10. Assortment ::

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  1. I may have mentioned this idea before. But that doesnt stop it being a great one

Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill because they pissed me off!

Shiny! I just got my special edition Serenity in the post. It had to come all the way from Amerikay, but it is shiny shiny shiny. I just gotta find time to watch it now. As you may have guessed from the lack of posting- hang on, that isn’t strictly true as I have posted […]

Come here to me, boy, don’t you know I’m the law

Why anyone would want to drink vodka but stay sober is beyond me. In order to stay sober simply do not drink alcoholic beverages. Seems obvious to me. If however you want to get ever so slightly tipsy then drink vodka, or whatever your tipple of choice may be. Found via the Community at Large […]


So Fri. was NineMoons last day at work before she disappears into a haze of studying and exams. So as is usual she had a bit of a night out. I only turned up to the pub (where that stairs comes from) at 8, she and her work cronies had been there since around 6. […]