We Own the Night dir. by


  1. red

    OOps. I'm so sorry you didn't like it. But you were going to see it even before I said it made my films of the year list, right? I was impressed by the overall feel of it too, and I guess when I saw it I was in the mood for something traditionally American.

  2. Oh I was totally going to see it anyway, so you can erase your "oops" :)

    I think my 5 stars is probably a bit harsh, because there were bits I liked, it just didn't work overall for me.
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  3. Can't quite describe it, but there is something in the dullness that I thought was really great. Some films have a tinge of colour, or black and white only, this felt like it was underlayed by the droning of an engine for 2 hours and it worked. Walking up the grey concrete steps, lying low in that typical motel, the monotony of the dull voices, uninspired script, and the clich̩s Рto me it felt like this all belonged. A spark of clever dialogue, an elaborate twist, a great action scene, some beautiful scenery, etc., would have ruined the film.

    Maybe if I watched it again I would find out that this is just a bad movie, but it felt like for the full duration, fate was slowly grinding down the one true entity in the movie into dust (one true entity being Joachin Phoenix' character). btw, I was never convinced of JP's acting ability before this based on a few slightly dodgy performances (e.g., Signs, Gladiator) but he was great in this.

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