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10 November 2005

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I haven’t mentioned the episode’s title in this post as I’m not sure what it is. You see, the BBC have decided to cut the first three episodes shown in American to make two. Their reasoning seems to be that British people know their history and don’t need to have it spelt out to them. Hmpf I say to that. The other reason I’ve heard mentioned is that the original three were slightly different in style than the rest of the season so the Beeb decided to cut the first three to make them feel more like the others.

So episode 2 is what I’m calling this.
And despite whatever cuts and alterations that may have been made, this is still a very watchable show. There is the political back-stabbery, the schemes and plots of various people, the casual violence, the random sex scenes. And the wonderful advice given by Pullo. When Lucius Vorenus asks for help in dealing with his wife, what does Pullo suggest? Giving her the heart of an enemy… or failing that, just talk to her. You gotta love it.

Plus, this episode saw more Mark Anthony (James Purefoy) which can only be a good thing.

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  1. IX Lunas says:

    Heh. The Beloved is playing some song in which the phrase "got my finger on the button. Push the button" is repeated ad nauseum. Heh.