Open Range dir. by

22 March 2004

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You know I think this may be my favourite film of the year. I loved Dogville, but this is a lot more watchable.

It is a very old-fashioned film, its pacing is slow and the characters are all important. The message is quite a conservative one, protect the rights of the individual, and the central conflict is one we have seen on the big screen before; that of the cowboy against the farmer. In this case the farmer is a wealthy rancher, complete with his hired guns and hired lawman. The cowboy part is taken by Boss & Charlie who are free-grazers moving a herd of cattle.

I’m never one for giving away plots and I’m not going to here, it isn’ really necessary to know what the film is about to praise it. I think the main reason I loved it is for the interaction between Costner & Duvall, as well as the whole feel of the film. And those views really are something to behold.

But it was the acting that really got my attention, Duvall and Costner are superb as men pushed too far, forced to take action.

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