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  1. Dear Aunt Fency,

    I LOVE Amy Adams so much I wish I could hire her to have my babies. If I wanted any more of THEM. Which I don't. But I absolutely freaking cannot STAND Patrick Dempsey, so that throws me completely for a winker. I've heard the movie is fantastic, but I can't even look at the Demp without wanting to hurl things, violently. What do I do?

    Yours ever,

    Fear and Loathing in North Wilkesboro

  2. Dear F&L in Nth Wilkesboro,

    I feel your pain. Or at the very least an echo of it. I totally don't get him and Grey's Anatomy. But he is quite competent in it. And I've never really watched enough GA for him to disturb me to such an extent.

    I believe your only option is to face your phobia and go see the film. Just sit in an aisle seat in case he proves too much to bear.

    Yours in Adams-adorableness,

    Aunt Fencey
    Twitter: ecnef

  3. this looks like so much fun! even though its not too schmaltzy, is there some schmaltz at least…? just a teeny bit? 'cause a little is nice at christmas…

    you know, i've always fancied playing that prince – that fairy tale one. that'd be great! traipsing around with a sword and tights and saving your maiden, whether she needs saving or not…!

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