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Enchanted is the story of Giselle, who meets her true love, Prince Edward after he rescues her from a troll. Or maybe an ogre. But before they seal their relationship with true-loves-kiss, and get married, Giselle is sent spinning out of her world. And into ours, a place where endings are never happy ever after.

There was always the chance that this film was going to be one of those schmaltzy, overdone affairs. Luckily enough it wasn’t. Yay!

Instead it is great fun; with plenty to keep you entertained. It is, in one word, enchanting. Yeah, I know, that was lame. But doesn’t make it untrue. I loved Adams in Junebug and here she is even sweeter and more adorable. But it isn’t all sweetness, there is plenty of humour and poking fun at Disney’s usual clichés.

Okay, so maybe it is schmaltzy. It is ott. It has singing and dancing, and falling in love in an instant, but so what. It is fun. And sometimes that is all you want from a film.

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