Rule 42

21 February 2005

There’s been a lot of talk here about Rule 42 and whether or not the GAA should let rugby and soccer be played in Croke Park. And of course a lot of the debate centres around the fact that the govt. gave all this money to the GAA in order to help build the stadium. This is true, but it is also true that the rule existed before the govt gave the money, so I don’t think that point should be raised.

Personally I think that if the GAA wants to let other sports be played on its pitches and using its facilities they should do so, but it shouldn’t be forced into letting its rivals use what it has created.

However, I do think that while Lansdowne is being rebuilt they should allow Irish teams (of whatever sport) to use Croke Park, if only to raise extra money. And of course to show off.

"These matches are worth 13 or 14 million Euro to the economy.
It would be a loss if they're played elsewhere."

GAA President Sean Kelly

(Via Tom Humphries’ LockerRoom subs req’d)

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