Johnny’s back



  1. Ouelcome back…!

    Very happy to see you again, you and your axe-wielding psychopathic tendencies (yeah, we all know WHY you picked that particular picture/movie/character…).
    Twitter: errenna

  2. Harlequin

    Sup? I'm just back after a nice car journey with momma and an endless frickin bus trip with Bus Eireann. I'm tired and miserable. Going to watch vmars and maybe Smallville (to remind myself how crap telly can be) and eat whatever's left in the fridge (lemons, cheese and gone off milk). Work tmro. YUCK.

    Thanks for magnificent guestage BTW. As ever, you are the perfect arm candy for any occasion. xxx

  3. Is it Talena? I suppose so, with the bouncy bit and the metal. But I shock myself all the time anyways.

    And welcome back to you too Anne, although already I see you've had a mini-break :)

    H, photos are flickr-ised*:… I really like the one of Liz.

    * Unless you are logged-in and friended you won't be able to see most. Although you will get a look at the scenery.
    Twitter: ecnef

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