Johnny’s back

25 August 2007

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Well, maybe not Johnny, but I am. And how is everybody doing? Two weeks of not being online all that often lead to clogged up inboxes and rss readers stuffed to the brim. I think I’ve read most posts and emails, but I skimmed some and commented on very little. Catch-up is a bitch.

Had a luvverly time off work. Did nowt for a while. Then met with the granny and the aunt for a few days. Catch up fun. Then a few more days of nothingness. Then headed up to the wilds of Donegal to a wedding. Cue drunken fun. And great food. And then back to Sligo again, to a very nice day, with sunshine and warmth and everything. And as everyone scattered to their various places I headed for the trampoline for a lie in the sun. Off the wet grass, plus it had the benefit of being extra comfy. Although I did manage to shock myself getting off. I’m just so electric.

Back in the city of Dublin now, boring food shopping and washing and whatnot to be done before starting back at work on Monday. Work. Urgg.

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6 Responses

  1. Talena says:

    I think it's almost impossible to lie on a trampoline and NOT get shocked.

    Hope the shock of being back at work doesn't prove too much for you, Fence.


  2. anne says:

    Ouelcome back…!

    Very happy to see you again, you and your axe-wielding psychopathic tendencies (yeah, we all know WHY you picked that particular picture/movie/character…).

  3. Harlequin says:

    Sup? I'm just back after a nice car journey with momma and an endless frickin bus trip with Bus Eireann. I'm tired and miserable. Going to watch vmars and maybe Smallville (to remind myself how crap telly can be) and eat whatever's left in the fridge (lemons, cheese and gone off milk). Work tmro. YUCK.

    Thanks for magnificent guestage BTW. As ever, you are the perfect arm candy for any occasion. xxx

  4. Fence says:

    Is it Talena? I suppose so, with the bouncy bit and the metal. But I shock myself all the time anyways.

    And welcome back to you too Anne, although already I see you've had a mini-break :)

    H, photos are flickr-ised*:… I really like the one of Liz.

    * Unless you are logged-in and friended you won't be able to see most. Although you will get a look at the scenery.

  5. jean pierre says:

    welcome back!

    glad you had a good little holiday.

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