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Beginning shortly

So, that was unexpected news about Bin Laden, don’t you think. I was out doing the garden this morning and so was later than the rest of all the world in reading about it. And as an anti-death penalty person I have to say that I’m quite happy hearing he isn’t with us any more. Not so sure about the pictures of the jubilant scenes outside the White House, but I guess a lot of those people were affected a lot more by the September 11 attacks

Books books books

I’ve noticed recently that I haven’t been blogging all the books that I’ve been reading so this is a bit…

Johnny’s back

Well, maybe not Johnny, but I am. And how is everybody doing? Two weeks of not being online all that…

Oh! ma ma ma, oh! ma ma ma, oh! ma ma ma

Bit of a round-up post today. No webland access at work. We sat there all day, doing nothing, waiting for…

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