Just a quick note


  1. I was WONDERING where you got to, Fency. Well, I won't pry (where are you going? what are you doing? is it dangerous? does it involve gun- or drug-running? did you elope with someone? do I know him? would I want to? are you in the hospital? did your fingers fall off? are you hiding from the law? are you an undercover cop infiltrating the mob? did your computer break? that's it, isn't it? your computer broke… sigh).

    I'll miss you.

  2. Just when I'm finally getting my act together, you disappear?? Let's hope it's holiday time for you, and if so, have a great one!

    (yeah, you get that twice. Let's call it a come-back gift…)
    Twitter: errenna

  3. Me and my little dog Lucky are running away to join the circus. (Kudos to the person who can identify the ringmaster from that little bit of info.)

    Anne! You're back! Yay! (exclamation mark = good!)

    Or, as H mentioned I'm away on holidays. Nowhere special just home, and about the place a bit.
    Twitter: ecnef

  4. Harlequin

    Jesus Fencicles, while you're off wii-ing, lying in bed til midday and enjoying the healthy Sligo rain, there are manymanymany bloggers who are all terrified you've tired of blogging and will leave them without their regular Fence fix! :-D

    Fear not, peeps. The Almighty Fence will return.

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