The Russian army is polite, but menacing. Impossible to defeat.

1 September 2016

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a non-book/film post here. I almost don’t know how to start them anymore. So, let’s see, what’s been going on.

Well, this summer I fostered a dog1 from a local dog rescue. She was originally in the dog pound but has headed off to Sweden now to hopefully find a new forever home. We called her Hildi, after Broomhilda Von Shaft from Django Unchained. All the pets have film/tv related names. The other foster dogs I had were Hardy (Tom Hardy) and Penny (Penny Dreadful). She was a great dog but it is a lot of work so although I miss having her around it also a lot more relaxing just having our own two about the place.

It is far far easier to walk two dogs at the same time than three.

So I should be relaxed and refreshed this week. Unfortunately I did something to my neck on Saturday/Sunday which means that moving it is very painful. Very Painful2 I couldn’t even brush my hair at first.

I consulted with Dr. Google and they told me that it isn’t anything to worry about. But yes, it is very painful, but you just have to deal with it for 5 to 7 days. And hopefully it’ll ease. Today is Thursday, so I am much better. I can turn my head to both left and right, and tilt it up. Tilting it down is not so good though. And lying down provides many many issues. So sleeping, or the attempt, is a lot of fun at the moment.

But the important thing is that it is improving. I may even be able to drive again tomorrow.

How is everyone else doing?

  • Post title is a quote from Putin’s State of the Nation speech in 2015
  • Image is The Night Bivouac of the Napoleon Army during retreat from Russia in 1812. Oil on canvas. Historical Museum, Moscow, Russia.

    1. this is the 3rd year I’ve done this 

    2. I could raise it to ALL CAPS but you know, lets show a little restraint 

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    4 Responses

    1. Richard R. says:

      Neck aches are no fun, then what aches are? Glad it’s improving. My nemesis is migraines, a really bad one puts me in a silent dark room for about a day. Fortunately we have a guest room to accommodate. I had one last Thursday, just when I’d hoped to begin reading the new Louise Penny book. Now I’ve finished it, and am still contemplating. I’ll have to wait a bit before writing a review.

      Be well, dang it.

      • Fence says:

        Much better now, so that’s great. You really don’t realise how much work your neck muscles do until they start to hurt :)

        Migraines sound terrible, don’t know how people cope with them to be honest.

        I’ve heard so many positive reviews of Louise Penny but I’ve never gotten around to reading her, one of these days though…