Wedding Crashers dir. by

16 July 2005

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I was expected some mindless entertainment, with a few laughs. Instead I got mindless entertainment, plenty of insanity and loads of laughs.

The basic plot is fairly simple: two guys use the wedding season to attend (uninvited) various weddings and sleep with as many women as possible. Wilson(John) and Vaughn(Jeremy) play the two wedding crashers and long time friends. But at their last wedding of this particular season Jeremy is forced into something resembling a relationship when John falls for Claire Cleary.

John and Claire are the main attempt at a couple, but I thought that Jeremy and Gloria were much more entertaining. Gloria is a total nutjob, and Jeremy isn’t quite all there either.

There really isn’t all that much to say about this film. It doesn’t want to make you think, just to laugh and it really works in that department. I’d highly recommend this for an evening’s entertainment. I may even buy it once it comes out on dvd. The story isn’t original, the plot often doesn’t make sense, but who cares. All the cast play off each other wonderfully, although I thought that Vaughn stole the show.

Can I just add that I adore Vince Vaughn

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