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9 December 2014

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Robinson has just been laid off. Let go. Fired. And with only a payment of around 8 grand. He is not a happy chappy. The same is true of plenty of his mates, all submariners. But one of them has an idea. The company they used to work for found a submarine wreck in the Black Sea, and they believe that it is a German U-boat carrying millions in gold bars. But political situations being what they are no one can legally go in and get it. Not until everything there has settled down. But couldn’t they get a small crew together and go hunt it down themsleves?

This isn’t the greatest film ever made. And it isn’t the greatest submarine film ever made either, but if you enjoy tense thrillers then I think you might want to check this one out.

The crew is a mix of British1 and Russians and they don’t exactly like one another. It doesn’t help that most of the Russians can’t speak English and none of the British can speak Russian. Especially aboard the cramped and claustrophobic environment of a submarine, a creaky rusty old submarine that needs constant attention to keep going. Tensions are high, and pushed even higher when Fraser decides to get physical in one encounter.

I knew next to nothing about this film going in to see it; it was simply on at a good time and nothing else the cinema was showing looked more interesting so Black Sea it was.

And if you are looking for an entertaining, tense, dark thriller-drama then this is a pretty good place to start. As I mentioned before it isn’t the greatest film in the world, but it does its job well. Okay, so there are a few points where the plot goes a little whackado, and I’m not sure it is the most audience friendly film, if you have issues with British accents you might have a problem with this one.

But I’ve seen a lot worse films and I think this deserves to do well.

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