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9 March 2007

It’s Friday.

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I think a long lie-in will be had tomorrow. Although not too long, obviously, as the match starts at half one, so I’ll have to be up for that. Scotland- you going down! fingers crossed, touch wood, etc etc.

Denis Hickie has been having back spasms[1] and so Geordan Murphy has been called in. I likes Geordan, and was disappointed for him when he was dropped out of the squad last time. Still, it is a great position for the team as a whole when players as good as Geordan can be left out.

There has been some talk of rotating the squad a little, giving some players more game time and resting a few of the others. Obviously with the same squad, pretty much, as last time Eddie O’Sullivan doesn’t agree. And I’ve got to go along with him. We need to win the Triple Crown. The Grand Slam is gone, and the title itself depends on England beating France[2] which I really can’t see happening, but you’d never know. So anything we win’ll be vital. And lets not forget that it wasn’t too many years ago that we couldn’t beat Scotland for love nor money. So a victory is not to be sneezed at.

Inné, chuaigh mé ag imirt péile, well, soccer I suppose. Nó, sheas mé on the pitch, and kicked a ball once or twice. Bhí mé ag smaoineamh, agus ceapaim that I haven’t played soccer in something like 15 years. In ainm Dé! How old am I?


  1. don’t you just envy the life of a rugby player
  2. please God may it happen

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5 Responses

  1. anne says:

    Still younger than I am.

    Listen, this jinxing of the French has GOT to stop. You are not winning the tournament – 'cause obviously we are – so you might as well hope for the defeat of England, our common enemy.

    All right?

    Are we clear?


  2. Fence says:

    Never give in. Never surrender!

    We will fight on, but are well aware that England will fold like a wet newspaper on a windy day, so yeah, you'll win but the Triple Crown will be ours!

  3. Alan says:

    Which is more important, winning the title, or England losing? It's a tricky one. What you should really be hoping for is that England lose tomorrow and then Scotland manage a stirring victory at the Stade de France next week (it could happen, honest!) and then you're still in with a chance, and if Wales manage to hammer England at the same time then they end up in the bottom half of the table again.

    Anyway, you can keep an eye out for me. I'm about 30 rows back right between the posts in the South Stand tomorrow. You might catch a glimpse of me on one of the many occasions the ball sails between the posts off O'Gara's boot. (Defeatist, me?)

  4. Harlequin says:

    Cá bhfuil tú ag imirt peile, a chara? Ar an sráid, leis na buachaillí agus cailíní nó an bhfuil tú ag imirt chluiche i bpáirc peile?

  5. Fence says:

    It is more important to win the Championship Alan. Much more important. See we don't have so many *issues* with England, now that we're free. Whereas you crowd are still "under the yoke of foreign oppression" so have more reason to moan ;)

    I will be cheering Scotland against France though, what can I say Anne, I likes underdogs, unless we're playing them.

    H with the work peoples, i bpáirc peile, near the RDS.