Never since the battle of the Somme has so much effort been wasted in losing so many yards

I was at Croke Park today. As a witness you’d think I’d therefore have some clue what was going on, but, omg, wtf was that? The first half was okay. We made some chances and really should have been further ahead. But the second half was just plain poor. The lineout was atrocious. How is […]

It’s an absolutely appalling rumour and has no foundation whatsoever, In fact, he’s sitting across the table happily eating his dinner as we speak.

It is a bit chilly out this morning. But sunny so far, so its all good, plus, I suppose it is really and truly Autumn now, so I can’t complain. I know, I know, talking about the weather, not exactly a gripping start to a post, and after I’ve been a tad lackadaisical about updating, […]

Shock shock, horror horror

Talk about entertaining rugby matches. Okay, so we might not have had the “free-flowing champagne” rugby that certain quarters yearn for, but for sheer tension and not knowing what was going to happen this opener to the World Cup was more than sufficient. And 17-12 to Argentina! I’m delighra. Although maybe I shouldn’t be. Will […]

So the Six Nations is over

And I think Ireland bottled it. They never played as well as they could, imo, and stuck far too much to the kick for position and set-piece game. Now I know it has worked well for us, but for a team to win they have to be able to adjust in order to face different […]