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Never since the battle of the Somme has so much effort been wasted in losing so many yards

I was at Croke Park today. As a witness you’d think I’d therefore have some clue what was going on, […]

It’s an absolutely appalling rumour and has no foundation whatsoever, In fact, he’s sitting across the table happily eating his dinner as we speak.

It is a bit chilly out this morning. But sunny so far, so its all good, plus, I suppose it […]

You can’t put any spin on that performance

Honesty from Eddie O’Sullivan; a shocking game. Not up to par. Etc. My opinion: Holy Fucking Jesus! 32-17! Christ on […]

Shock shock, horror horror

Talk about entertaining rugby matches. Okay, so we might not have had the “free-flowing champagne” rugby that certain quarters yearn […]

How do you spell controversy?

Well now, what to say about Saturday’s rugby? Do I use the old “a win is a win” cliché? Or […]

Thank Crunchie

It’s Friday. Pic nicked from here I think a long lie-in will be had tomorrow. Although not too long, obviously, […]

So the Six Nations is over

And I think Ireland bottled it. They never played as well as they could, imo, and stuck far too much […]