Monthly Archives: March 2007

More ads

I’ve been hugely amused by an ad currently showing for TG4 and their blending of US imports and Irish shows, who’d ever have lin [...]

300 [based on the book]

I have a feeling that how you feel at the end of seeing this film will be hugely coloured by your mindset before the film began. Personal [...]

Does anyone know where I get my drugs?

We’ll begin with the vague; this morning, or possibly last night[1] there was an ad on the radio. This of course is not a rare occurre [...]

TT the ninth (yeah, it said 8th, I was wrong)

So it turns out that today is Thursday. Who’d have guessed that shocker following yesterday being Wednesday? Course yesterday was the [...]

Letters from Iwo Jima

based on the book Picture Letters from Commander in Chief by Tadamichi Kuribayashi, Tsuyoko YoshidoI’m not sure what I was really expe [...]

Just hush!

So, instead of rugby this blog will know turn its attention to… cricket! Nah, not really, though I have watched some of our winning wa [...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Yeah, so I’m a day early, but I won’t be here tomorrow. So instead we are going to pretend that tomorrow is today. Which of cour [...]


Thirteen Things. And seeing as today is the Ides of March I thought I may as well use that as my inspiration for this week’s T13 The I [...]

Judging you, judging me

Yesterday at work Bhí cúpla caíllíní ag suigh in front of the desk. Psychology students. And as they were studying they were chatting[1 [...]
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