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3 February 2010

I hereby present a random collection of paragraphs all about stuff I’ve been up to:

There is no reason for this picture. I just rediscovered it and am amused all over again.

There is no reason for this picture. I just rediscovered it and am amused all over again.

I’ve been too indecisive to actually pick music to listen to over the past few days. Instead I’ve been using the auto playlist yoke, favourites not heard recently. Tis only deadly, so many songs I’d almost forgotten I had. Still some of those got auto-rated. I never gave five stars to any Kate Nash song. Not that I hate her stuff, but she isn’t my favourite.

I really should go to bed, rather than continue blathering here, but I suppose I’ve gotten back in the habit of blogging and you can’t stop me. I suppose you could stop reading, that’d stop your having to put with me, but it wouldn’t be the same. The words, they would still be here.

Ever since christmas I’ve been back doing my Couch to 5K yoke. Only not actually running outside. It’s dark. And often rainy. Or icy. So I’ve been using my elliptical-type-device. Did 7K according to it tonight, but I think it over estimates the distance. I’m on to week 7[1] soon. And I went to my first ever Tai Chi lesson tonight too. Which was great fun.

I’m also busily working my way through season 4 of Supernatural. Those Winchester boys are such fun. It’s no Buffy, but it is damn fine entertainment. I’ve also started watching Glee which I’m enjoying so far. Some great moments. And I’m loving HIMYM. I love and adore Barney. And Marshall. And Robin. And Lily. And I suppose Ted aint so bad either.


  1. yes I know it hasnt been 7 weeks since xmas. I skipped a few as I took a break over the hols.

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