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1 December 2005

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Forgot to do last weeks cause I headed home last Thursday.

Caesar is off busy chasing down Pompey, but Pompey has been busy himself. He is gathering his legions to him, and now his forces outnumber Caesar’s. So Julius writes home and asks for supposrt from Mark Anthony and the 13th Legion. Which leads to dear old Mark having a very good think about things.

Vorenus thinks that Anthony will remain in Rome, will turn his back on Caesar, will not do the honourable, the loyal thing. But he has problems of his own. Since the mysterious disapearance of Evander Niobe’s sister has been staying over, and because of this Niobe is reluctant to let Vorenus “have” her. As we learn when poor old Lucius gets a little drunk while out with the wonderful Chicken[1] . We’ve also got a new nickname for Lucius Vorenus, all these Latin-esque names are too cumbersome. But I’m too sure if Lamb will work for Vorenus. It’ll do for now though.

This was a great episode. Anthony having women sword fight naked for him. Attia having Chicken arrange for Octavian to “penetrate” someone. Her gift to Sevilla of a large penis, attached to a slave I hasten to add ;)

And not only do we have the drama and politics, but we also have Anthony, Chicken and Lamb, all just great characters as well as being oh-so-cute, and of course the schemeing and humour around Attia of the Julii.


  1. Titus Pullo

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3 Responses

  1. NineMoons says:

    Heh. I was over on the TWoP forums (can't get enough – I know I'll be spoiled but can't stop) and someone has nicknamed Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo as Lucious and Tight-Ass. Which is funny because I keep typing Lucious instead of Lucius all the time. I prefer Lamb and Chicken though. And the new Mustard. :-)

  2. Fence says:

    Lucious I could get on board with. With tight-ass sounds a bit like he's stuck up, ne? Which might work for the Luciuos lamb, but not for our dear chicken

  3. NineMoons says:

    Indeed. Think they'll remain Lamb and Chicken for me.

    Only another four days until the next episode!

    Oh, and thanks for King Arthur. I spent Friday night yelling "Shut up Arthur/Guinevere/Whoever" at the telly and sighing every time Dag was onscreen. What a hero! The boy, the ice, the everything. After I saw him, I remembered liking him a bit the first time round. At least I could tell him apart. I knew who Arthur, Bors and Dagonet were but the rest of them were doubles of each other.