The Prestige [based on book] by dir. by


  1. Harlequin

    Well, I really enjoyed it, though I'm not sure if it would stand up to repeat viewing. Acting all good, costume and cinematography beautiful and even Scarlett J didn't make me want to rip her throat out ALL the time. I loved the way they telegraphed twists then went in another direction, just like a magic act. Misdirection and hiding in plain sight. Wonderful. Even with the first shot of the film!

    But I went in without any expectation or knowledge or anything. I was just so glad to be back in the cinema! Don't expect anything anne, just give it a bash. It's not a five star film but it has a lot going for it. IMHO. ;-)

  2. I liked it more than you did and agree with you totally about the good guy/bad guy thing. Part of what made the film a bit disturbing and interesting is that you liked and disliked things about both of these guys.

  3. Just watched it for a second time, this time on DVD, and really thought it stood up well to a second viewing. Knowing for sure that there were twin brothers made me really watch for 'both' characters and there were some interesting differences between the two, revealed during the closing parts of the film. I really liked this one. Can't wait to watch the extras on the DVD now.

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