Ladyhawke dir. by

18 September 2005

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I’ve wanted to buy this film on dvd for a long time now, but kept putting it off because it is a pretty vanilla dvd release. Menus are not a special feature. Still better late than never I suppose.

For those that don’t know, Ladyhawke opens with Broderick escaping a prison. In fact he is the only person to have ever escaped from this prison, so his captors really want to recapture him and show everyone that no one escapes from the Dungeons of Aquila. The guards almost recapture him, but he is saved by Etienne Navarre, the ex-captain of the Guard, a man wanted by the Bishop’s men.

Navarre has been hunted for almost two years, ever since the Bishop discovered that he and Isabeau were in love, and cursed Navarre to live nights as a wolf and Isabeau her days as a hawk. The Mouse offers Nevarre a chance to kill the Bishop.

This film looks fantastic. Beautifully shot, it looks absolutly right. The actors are all perfect in their roles as well. I remembered Broderick as being slightly annoying, but didn’t really find that this time around. Rutger Hauer is spot-on as Nevarre, and Pfeiffer is wonderful as Isabeau. And even better is the fantastic horse they had for Nevarre, a perfect example of the Fresian breed.

Who could ask for more than what this film delievers; magic, romance, wolves, hawks, swordfights and battles in cathedrals. Although the music just isn’t right.

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