Bunk Beds and Gates

20 July 2005

While over at Anne’s I got involved in a discussion on bunk beds and the harm that may, possibly, befall bunkees, which leads to this story, which you may think is totally unrelated, and you may be correct, but I don’t care.

Back when I was nothing but a childer, living in Clondalkin I had a little brother 1]. I can’t remember what age he was, but three sounds good doesn’t it? That means I would’ve been around 9. Hmm, I think he may only have been 2 so. Anyway, the age of brother #3 is irrelevant, once you know he was quite young.

So picture this little toddler wandering.. Driving his A-Team van here there and everywhere. Now picture him with his head stuck through a gate. Got that? Okay, now realise that he can’t free himself, he really is stuck.

So the mother makes an appearance, tries to free this child, with his head stuck between two white metal bars. No luck. A few neighbours gather, we lived in an estate, all offering advice[2] but to avail. The poor toddler trapped by his own head :)

Eventually some one offers a solution. Well, they offered a hacksaw. And the bar in the gate was cut through, freeing the brother. Yipee!

The question of how exactly his head had gone through the bars to end up stuck so firmly was resolved: It hadn’t!

Brother #3 had squeezed his body through, an attempt to escape no doubt, but his giant head had prevented him from making it outside the garden.

And no, of course we never teased him about it when he was older. Would a family ever stoop to reliving such trauma!!! *wounded innocence*

[1] – Yes this brother still exists. I used to be the only girl in a family of 5 boys, but around 9 years ago another female arrived. (back)

[2] – I always have to pause and figure out which is the verb and which the noun, advice or advise. (back)

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23 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    Poor wee soul. Wasn't he scared to hear the saw?
    Does he remember at all, even if you're not prodding? ;)

  2. Fence says:

    Poor wee soul me eye! Fool is more likely :)

    It hasn't been brought up in a while, but on my next trip home he may need a reminder…

  3. Anne says:

    You cruel cruel big sister.

    Make sure you go on long enough, ok?

  4. Fence says:

    It is my job to toughen up the younger siblings. Course they do a pretty good job of that themselves, what with various brothers having concussions, broken hands, walls falling on hands, falling down mountains, lord I could go one, but I won't :)

  5. Carl V. says:

    Very funny! I was a member of the bunkbed brigade with my dear brother growing up. Though I fell off the top on occasion there were no incidents of heads through bars or hacksaws!

    Having recenlty become a Browncoat myself I understand and enjoy the picture at the top of your blog! We just watched this episode the other night. Jayne cracks me up.

  6. Fence says:

    Carl V. I welcome you as a browncoat. You may now go and spread the word of the Joss-God to all and sundry.

    Jayne sure is pretty cunning all right :)

    There's a new trailer (international version) for serenity out today, but I haven't seen it with sound yet. Am still at work.

  7. NineMoons says:

    You need to flag that story 'Not suitable for work'. I checked your site stead of working on my boring old stats and choked with laughter so loudly that it made it really obvious I wasn't working!

    Did I ever tell you the story of my three year old brother hopping out into the back garden sobbing, unable to walk properly cos his Fat Frog (icepop) had melted all over his bare legs, sticking them together? Oh, how we laughed…

    Dying to see new trailer specially in view of comments over poster last night. Hope (a) it sells Serenity to the unwashed multitude and (b) does not spoil but teases instead.

    Going to Wedding Crashers tonight with the Tall Fella.

  8. Fence says:

    I've watched the trailer, but wasn't too impressed. There seems to be a little two much spoiling going on. But then again I haven't heard it.

    Enjoy the wedding crashers, tis great.

  9. NineMoons says:

    If Spoiling, then will not watch.

    Oh, God, I can't bear it. How will I not watch?

  10. Fence says:

    Not SPOILER spoiling, just too much info. I think.

    As for your question, well by closing your eyes. But you may as well watch because this is the international trailer and so will be showing before every single film you go to see and so building so much hype that we will get our trilogy of films.

  11. NineMoons says:

    YES! I liked. But too much info, and showing lots. But looks shit cool

  12. NineMoons says:

    I am so not going to London. And if I do, I ain't using the Tube. And if I do use the tube, I'm staying the hell away from people with rucksacks…

  13. Fence says:

    I know!

    How was the wedding crashers last night?

    And cad é an scéal de hAoine? Bhi copper-copper ag lorg freagarach faoin am?

    This computer won't put fadas on i's :( And I'm not sure about that second sentence, but sure if you can't figure it out I'll repeat myself as Bearla

  14. NineMoons says:

    Tabhair dom am le mo cairde oibriu. Tiocfaidh go teach tabhairne a leath-uair tar eis a seacht no ocht a chlog.

  15. Fence says:

    Ceart go leor.

    Ar mhaith leat do fhéin a beith i mo árasán roimhe an teach tabhairne?

  16. NineMoons says:

    Taimid ag dul go dti an tabhairne tar eis obair. Ach b'fheidir go dumpaidh me mo bagaiste i do arasan. Nil me certain ag an am sin.

  17. Anne says:

    Oh wow. I love seeing other languages.
    Just the one question: what's a fada?

  18. NineMoons says:

    It's like an accent eigu in appearance. The word means 'long' and the addition of a fada alters the sound by lengthening it. So Cá is pronounced caw and not cah.
    How helpful am I?

  19. Fence says:

    Oh, you're very helpful altogether :)

  20. Heather says:

    Oh your family sounds like great fun. I'm an only child though, that might be making it sound better than it is?

  21. NineMoons says:

    Fence's family are insane. As is she. The terrible tragedy is that the genes have spread and there's virtually no stopping them now…

  22. NineMoons says:

    PS Fence get on Messenger

  23. Fence says:

    signing in miss. orders