Andromeda hits the dust

28 April 2004

Cast: ,

According to the Great Link and via Comic Book Guy Andromeda has finally been cancelled. And Mutant X too

Now these two shows, I will admit, I have watched, although Mutant X is ten times worse than Andromeda, it has no plot, no interesting characters, merely hair and clothes and on purty peoples. Andromeda at least had an interesting idea, and occasionally was actually good. Of course the writing wasn’t great, they seemed to try and do either far too much, or not enough in an episode but sure what do I know.
I have, however, been waiting for both of these to be cancelled for ages, yet they seemed invincible, while all around actually interesting shows were dying; Firefly (which I just got on DVD so I now know is really good) got just one season for example.

Then again, I really will miss Andromeda. It was such complete and utter pants that it was enjoyable. And there isn’t a hope of me buying those DVDs. I’m not insane you know :) Mutant X I will not miss

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