Lions and Elephants

25 June 2005

Well, 21 – 3 isn’t a good result now is it? And it looks like three players are now ruled out of the tour. Biggest blow being O’Driscoll in the 1st minute. He’ll be a loss, but even if he’d been on the pitch for the whole match I doubt he could’ve made a huge difference to the end result.

I didn’t see the match. I’m not shelling out extra for Sky Sports. So I’m not so sure how valid the Lions’ complaint it.

“”I am in no doubt whatever that it was deliberate foul play, a double spearing. It was a cheap shot which has put me out of the tour,” he said.

“But the truth is it could have been an awful lot worse because they could have quite easily broken my neck. I was turned upside down, in the air and speared into the ground.”

Sky News reported that the dislocation was so severe it took 30 mins to put his shoulder back in. Ouch.

In other news I bought an elephant today.

Obviously not a real one :)

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6 Responses

  1. NineMoons says:

    Pretty. And also kind of scary.

  2. Jaboobie says:

    I like it, what's it made of? soapstone?

  3. Fence says:

    NM it is tiny, how can it be scary? It's half a bookends set, the other one was missing. They did have ones that were paler but I didn't like 'em

    Jaboobie, I'm not sure what it is made from, but it is fairly heavy, especially for its size.

  4. NineMoons says:

    Oh, I thought it was huge. You need to put a 50 cent piece of something in there to show the scale.

    You fool.

  5. Anne says:

    That result is… nasty. Mind you, we lost too.
    So, are you using the wall as the second book end?

  6. Fence says:

    :p NM

    Anne, I'm using it to keep the few cds I have in Dublin from constantly falling over. Oh, and the computer games. They are on shelves, so have one support already.

    The rest of my cd collection in still in Sligo. But I have everything stored on Norman so I don't really need to bring the actual cd with me. Which is nice