Monthly Archives: May 2004


Have recently been to see Wonderland and The Day After Tomorrow, but don’t have time to do proper reviews for either. So here are the [...]

More wierdness

this time courtesy of Sally: A man has comitted suicide after having relations with a chicken. Or to put it another way, he knew the chicken [...]

Bizareness Abounds

The Guardian have a story about a boy who has been convict [...]

Make that She-Ra!

You are He-Man from Masters of the Universe! Youtake life very seriously, and you should,considering you are the keeper of all that isgood a [...]

Anyone got a couple of quid to spare?

News from the Sligo Champion (free ref req’d), is that the Hawkswell theatre may not survive past this year. The Arts Council have cut [...]

Even more controversial than neutrality

Is the issue of Roy Keane :) He returned last night, (again, I’ll state plainly I’m a Roy girl not a McCarthy one) and I was del [...]

Ireland and Neutrality

Very interesting reading on Internet Commentator about De Valera and his paying his respects on the death of Hitler. Now, ever since my leav [...]

Go vote, even Eminem says it’s “cool”

Okay, so maybe a little sarky with yonder headline, but I do think people should vote. If you don’t know whether or not you are are en [...]


Was a complete and utter drag. First off I slept in, due to the fact that we had no electricity and so I was depending on my phone to wake m [...]
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