More wierdness

this time courtesy of Sally: A man has comitted suicide after having relations with a chicken. Or to put it another way, he knew the chicken, in the biblical sense. More details.

Make that She-Ra!

You are He-Man from Masters of the Universe! Youtake life very seriously, and you should,considering you are the keeper of all that isgood and right in the universe! However, yournonstop suspicion of Skeletor and his henchmancan start your friends wondering why you don’tloosen up once in awhile. Which Forgotten 80s Cartoon Character Are You? brought […]

Anyone got a couple of quid to spare?

News from the Sligo Champion (free ref req’d), is that the Hawkswell theatre may not survive past this year. The Arts Council have cut funding, and it doesn’t look like the management have enough to keep theatre operating “The situation is critical. We are facing a huge operating deficit. As things stand, we will be […]

Ireland and Neutrality

Very interesting reading on Internet Commentator about De Valera and his paying his respects on the death of Hitler. Now, ever since my leaving cert I’ve been a Collins girl, not a Dev follower. He just such a “cute hoor”, and of course he is responsible for Fianna Fail. But the one point I would […]

Go vote, even Eminem says it’s “cool”

Okay, so maybe a little sarky with yonder headline, but I do think people should vote. If you don’t know whether or not you are are entitled go check it out. Speak to your local TD/MP/representative, whatever they are called in your neck of the woods. Hell, even say you’ll vote for them and you […]


Was a complete and utter drag. First off I slept in, due to the fact that we had no electricity and so I was depending on my phone to wake me up. It did the job, but I switched it off, as I normally do with me alarm clock, only for it to go off […]

Sunny Weather

The past few days here have been wonderful, lovely sunny weather with not a cloud in the sky for several days in a row. And the North Atlantic Skyline blog has a gorgeous picture of Nephin Mt. Co Mayo