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Have recently been to see Wonderland and The Day After Tomorrow, but don’t have time to do proper reviews for […]

More wierdness

this time courtesy of Sally: A man has comitted suicide after having relations with a chicken. Or to put it […]

Bizareness Abounds

The Guardian have a story about a boy who has been convicted of incitement to his own murder.
The 14 y.o. met a 16 y.o. online and persuaded him, through the creation of various fictional characters, that he was taking part in an initiation into the Secret Service, and that his murder victim was dying of cancer.

Make that She-Ra!

You are He-Man from Masters of the Universe! Youtake life very seriously, and you should,considering you are the keeper of […]

Anyone got a couple of quid to spare?

News from the Sligo Champion (free ref req’d), is that the Hawkswell theatre may not survive past this year. The […]

Even more controversial than neutrality

Is the issue of Roy Keane He returned last night, (again, I’ll state plainly I’m a Roy girl not a […]

Ireland and Neutrality

Very interesting reading on Internet Commentator about De Valera and his paying his respects on the death of Hitler. Now, […]

Go vote, even Eminem says it’s “cool”

Okay, so maybe a little sarky with yonder headline, but I do think people should vote. If you don’t know […]


Was a complete and utter drag. First off I slept in, due to the fact that we had no electricity […]

If I were a rich man, yabba dabba dabba…

If I were… a month I would be: February a day of the week I would be: A lazy Sunday […]

Duirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite

That is the enscription on Spike Milligan’s headstone. For those of you without Irish it is a translation of what […]

Sunny Weather

The past few days here have been wonderful, lovely sunny weather with not a cloud in the sky for several […]