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Week 68

Finale::Cancelled Martial arts::Buffy Flirt::Tease Energy::Lucazade, see how advertising works Flavor::taste Guess?::what/who Accomplishment::that wan who became the first Irish woman to […]

Caoineadh Airt Uí­ Laoghaire

Mo chara thu go daingean! is níor chreideas riamh dod mharbh gur tháinig chúgham do chapall is a srianta léi […]

Isn’t war supposed to be hell?

Remember back when the whole “should the US invade Iraq” discussion was going on. And there were all those anti-french sites? And the google bomb thingy pointing to pages like this, well recently came across a response to those, and while some valid points are brought up about French victories that isn’t really why I’m mentioning it. Think of this paragraph as background information :)


Finished exams, no more moaning about having to study. Or about my inability to study for more than five minutes […]

Not quite sure

Why exactly I am posting this link, purely for the gross-out factor. Anywas it is a pic of a Toad […]

Shaking my head in disbelief?

Sometimes I really have to wonder about people. Not just at what goes on in reality TV shows (Paradise Hotel […]

Minister McDowell

has a speech on the release of those responsible for the death of Garda Jerry McCabe (apols if it is […]

The Library of Alexandria has been discovered

according to the BBC anyways: “Professor Wileke Wendrich, of the University of California, told BBC News Online that the discovery […]

Back to usual, late again

Vagina::Monologues (no never seen them, but talk about overkill with the advertising) Racism::Bad (wow, talk about a profound association!) Mother’s […]


Growing up in Ireland -memories for anyone over 30, according to the site I stole it from, well I’m not […]

Zulu Time

Mark Little is RTE’s foreign affairs correspondent (although you’d be hard pressed to find that out on the RTE website, it has an absolutely terrible layout), before that he was RTE’s first Washington Correspondent (1995-2001). This is is second book, the first Turn Left At Greenland was published in June 2002 and reached number one on the Irish Non-Fiction Bestsellers list. This book deals with Little’s experience’s during the second Iraq conflict. (Which reminds me, how exactly are we supposed to refer to this. Is it a war? A conflict? A liberation? All these terms seem to imply another meaning. But that is beside the point).

Ethical Dilemmas

While watching 24 on RTE last night I started to think about what we approve of in our TV heroes, […]